Linky Thursday

Doing laundry doesn’t have to be drab. Sew up a Euphloria Laundry Bag and add a little spice to your wash day.

Not sure what to make for the guy who has everything? Whip him up a Tripod Camping Stool.

Sexy, sleek, and perfect for a holiday party: Sequin Maxi Skirt.

Make a trendy fur vest – a perfect look for the holidays!

The Lego Sack is great for toys with small parts\pieces that need to be easily (and quickly) picked up.

If you have a coffee lover on your gift list, put a coffee cozy on their stocking this Christmas. They’ll love you for it!

Ever wonder what to do with all those fabric scraps you have lying around? Transform them into a fun scarf.

The Somerset Star adds a punch to to this pillow. I think I may need to try this.

“Keep your pants on” with pretty belts.

Need a quick gift for that ornament exchange party? This fabric version isn’t just pretty, but it’s a great scrap buster, too. Have leftover yarn? This knitted version is great too!

Traveling for the holidays? Make a seatbelt or a travel size neck pillow for the ride.

The grown-up circle skirt.


Almost a Campfire

12-logs After a little sewing, a bit of math, and lots of stuffing, we now have…. LOGS! I made two different shaped logs – similar to the inspiration photo. The triangular one was the easiest to create because I nailed the math, the rounded ones stumped me a few times (apparently I didn’t retain that part in geometry). Now I have the flames to create and I should be set – although after looking at the photo again, I may want to make one more log because it’s looking a little skimpy.

Slow Sewing

12-santa2 Between traveling to see family for (an early) Christmas, preparing\baking for parties (and some last minute gifts), and finishing up the holiday shopping, I am now way behind on my sewing… this happens every year, yet I always say that I’ll keep on top of it! I am still working on the campfire project: I have 10 rocks stuffed (but they still need to be closed), 2 that still need fluff, and the beginnings of 3 ‘logs’. I have discovered that the logs are the trickiest – since I’m winging it I am left to ‘do the math’ for the ends of logs. I have discovered that creating triangular shapes are much easier than attempting circles. Darn geometry!

Since there isn’t a great photo of my work-in-progress, I leave you with a photo of my youngest with Santa…. He asked Santa for a roller coaster in the back yard and a live horse this year for Christmas. I had to break it to him that that’s not something he can deliver – I’m not sure that I convinced him.

To-Go Box

12-boxbag Have you picked up your copy of Sew It All magazine? If so, you might recognize a favorite project from this website – the To-Go Box (aka Box Bag)! In addition to the project instructions for the bag itself, there’s also a write up on how to create a cute pencil pouch (which is also handy for toting sewing notions\tools to class, makeup & brushes, etc.). Best of all, you’ll get to see me create this bag on episode 704 of Sew It All TV (air date TBA)!

More Lanyard Talk

12-lanyard Secret Santa gifts are always a challenge, especially when you have a tiny spending cap and are asked to “get creative”. In addition to some small purchases, we decided to have me stitch something up as a gift…. a lanyard! Since she is a HUGE K-State fan, I sought out grosgrain ribbon. You would think that living in Kansas would mean that it was easier to find, but I wound up having to purchase it from Etsy.

As far as construction goes, I used this quick tutorial, cotton webbing (instead of nylon), and new hardware that I bought from 3DPatternPaper (very, very nice quality and I love that the split ring is ‘flat’). I really love the way it turned out and am not thinking I need some Wonder Woman ribbon and start making some accessories for me!

Linky Thursday

Looking for a snuggly stocking stuffer? This owl is a perfect fit (plus it’s kid friendly so your children can help with it too)!

Even the Elf of the Shelf needs a place to sleep. Whip up a pint-sized sleeping bag and pillow with this fun tutorial.

These mini stockings are perfect for gift cards, party favors, or just to string together to make an advent wreath!

If you’re planning on sending out gift baskets this holiday, whip up a few of these pretty circle coasters to stuff inside – they’ll definitely be well received! (These place mats would be a fun addition, too).

Giving someone jewelry? Skip the boxes and give them their gift in a beautiful, drawstring bag.

Children love to decorate gingerbread houses, but it can get expensive, messy, and 99% of the time they eat all the candy. Now give them one they can keep decorating forever and it’s (real) candy free!

Scarves are a hot accessory this winter. Make it even better by adding ruffles.

If a new laptop is in your future, protect it in style with a quilted case.

Cold season is here! If you’re having to tote around tissue boxes, make them cheerier by personalizing them with fabric.

This ‘artist tote’ won’t just make the perfect present, it’ll keep the kids quiet while you’re on the go too!

Transform a plain gift bag into something with a bit of bling.

Whether you give this purse as a present or keep it for yourself for a holiday party, this bow clutch will definitely get attention!


12-rock My 5 year old has asked for some interesting items this year for Christmas: a backyard roller coaster, a live pony, and a campfire playset. While I can’t deliver the first two, I can make the last one (which is a good thing because the set he wants is expensive and back ordered until after Christmas)! The first order of business is making ‘rocks’… after a few prototypes I settled on a slightly oblong shape with two darts on each end. Darts are key to making a proper rock as you’ll need the shaping a dart gives to add volume to your finished design. The nice thing about this project is that it doesn’t matter if they’re not perfect, they’re rocks! Now that I have one behind me, I’m ready to make about a dozen more!

By the way, for those of you interested, the fabric is Stonehenge Metallic Iron Speckled Stone and it’s pretty awesome!


12-wreath2 You know all those fabulous ornament wreaths you see in stores (I posted a tutorial to one in last week’s Linky Thursday)? I finally decided to make one. Like any ‘Pinterest idea’, they never seem to turn out quite as fabulous as what the tutorials might lead you to believe. However, I think my version is an acceptable pass. Some things I learned along the way that they don’t seem to tell you:

Variety is the key. You need several sizes of ornaments to cover your wreath. This doesn’t just fill in the holes you’ll get, but it give the wreath some depth to.

It takes a lot of ornaments to cover a wreath. I purchased a large wreath and it took 76 large ornaments and 29 smallish ones to make what you see…. and I could still use a few small ones!

Think about how you’ll hang your wreath before you start. I had purchased a clear suction cup hanger to use with mine… and I struggled to find a spot to fit the hanger on once the ornaments were attached!

The most important thing? Don’t use a suction cup hanger. Eventually, it will fall down and destroy all your work. Maybe I should stick with sewing.


Punk the Halls

12-punk Punk Designs + Christmas + “Moonshine” = The ultimate gift for my brother-in-law this year. I made this little bag over the weekend and I have to admit, I love it. I stitched out the design on a black, cotton fabric and lined it with a flame material so that when it was tied off, it folded over and you could see the interior really well. I ‘winged’ the dimensions, but wanted it to be large enough that it could be used for something useful later on down the road and boxed out the corners so that it looks nice when it’s filled up.

Tattoo Christmas may be my favorite design pack from Urban Threads. I just bought it a month ago and have used it repeatedly! I did pick up a few more designs last week during their sale so I may try to squeeze in a few more embellished projects before the holiday (I would love to do a ton of these Merry Monsters for Easton’s class, but I think I might be over ambitious!)

Linky Thursday

I’m going to blame the holidays on my mix up… I actually thought TODAY was Thursday! So, it looks as if these links are a day late, but should be awesome enough to tide you over for the weekend!:

Bring a little Christmas into your sewing room by making a pretty peppermint pincushion.

Mini comforters are the perfect size for kids or dogs (and they look super snuggly)!

Skip the gift wrap and make reusable gift boxes instead. This round version is pretty and functional!

Who says twirl skirts are just for girls? Make your own circle skirt this holiday.

Turn fat quarters into a Christmas tree – prefect for holiday decorating!

Have you always wanted to try laminated fabric, but never put in into your shopping cart? Now here’s your chance to win a yard!

Looking for a quick gift for the budding baker in your life? This kid’s apron whips up in 10 minutes!

It’s not sewing, but I’m pretty sure that I want to make one of these ornament wreaths. This ornament tree would make a nice accompaniment.

Beautiful zippers are meant to be shown off. These lace zips (from Japan) look great on little bags.

Chances are the holidays bring extra guests to your house which means you’ll need more seating. Whip up a bunch of pretty floor cushions for the kids or just to sit on while chatting.

Great for traveling or when the kids need to be quiet: The crayon roll.

Easton is all about camping – even if it is indoors. This clever tutorial teaches you how to create a tent from a drying rack and is simply adorable! (You’ll need to translate the page for full instructions)