Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday and that 2014 starts off without a hitch!

01-projects I tend not to make resolutions (especially when it comes to sewing) because I just don’t seem to keep them (although this year, I am striving to get back to doing more pattern reviews. I’ve been very lax over the past year and a half). I do, however, keep a journal of all the projects that I’ve completed throughout the year. As I sit her contemplating what my first items of 2014 might be, I thought I’d go through what I’ve worked on in 2013. Here’s what I discovered:

I completed 127 sewn items and have 21 that are in various stages of completion. In my defense, 19 of them are box bags that were stepped out for my Sew It All taping. At some point I will finish them, but I’m not sure what to do with so many bags! Next year I intend to keep track of embroidered items as well.

My favorite patterns still tend to be independent companies: I sewed with Jalie the most, although I also threw in Style ARC, Dog Under My Desk, Betz White, Tula Pink, Oliver + S, and Closet Case Files into the mix as well as a few books.

If there wasn’t a pattern for what I was after, I found myself making my own – I was shocked to see that was 72 items (many of them were ‘multiples’ of the same project)!

Some of my favorite projects of the year were: my Monster Tote at WeAllSew, Jalie’s Drop Pocket Cardigan, the Bombshell swimsuit, and Style Arc’s Marie Jacket (sadly, my finished photo is on the ‘old site’ and isn’t available at the moment).

Speaking of the ‘old site’, we’ll be working to revive all it’s contents this year – hopefully it will be up and running soon (I didn’t realize how often I refer to older items until it was gone)!