12-santa2 Between traveling to see family for (an early) Christmas, preparing\baking for parties (and some last minute gifts), and finishing up the holiday shopping, I am now way behind on my sewing… this happens every year, yet I always say that I’ll keep on top of it! I am still working on the campfire project: I have 10 rocks stuffed (but they still need to be closed), 2 that still need fluff, and the beginnings of 3 ‘logs’. I have discovered that the logs are the trickiest – since I’m winging it I am left to ‘do the math’ for the ends of logs. I have discovered that creating triangular shapes are much easier than attempting circles. Darn geometry!

Since there isn’t a great photo of my work-in-progress, I leave you with a photo of my youngest with Santa…. He asked Santa for a roller coaster in the back yard and a live horse this year for Christmas. I had to break it to him that that’s not something he can deliver – I’m not sure that I convinced him.