12-wreath2 You know all those fabulous ornament wreaths you see in stores (I posted a tutorial to one in last week’s Linky Thursday)? I finally decided to make one. Like any ‘Pinterest idea’, they never seem to turn out quite as fabulous as what the tutorials might lead you to believe. However, I think my version is an acceptable pass. Some things I learned along the way that they don’t seem to tell you:

Variety is the key. You need several sizes of ornaments to cover your wreath. This doesn’t just fill in the holes you’ll get, but it give the wreath some depth to.

It takes a lot of ornaments to cover a wreath. I purchased a large wreath and it took 76 large ornaments and 29 smallish ones to make what you see…. and I could still use a few small ones!

Think about how you’ll hang your wreath before you start. I had purchased a clear suction cup hanger to use with mine… and I struggled to find a spot to fit the hanger on once the ornaments were attached!

The most important thing? Don’t use a suction cup hanger. Eventually, it will fall down and destroy all your work. Maybe I should stick with sewing.