12-punk Punk Designs + Christmas + “Moonshine” = The ultimate gift for my brother-in-law this year. I made this little bag over the weekend and I have to admit, I love it. I stitched out the design on a black, cotton fabric and lined it with a flame material so that when it was tied off, it folded over and you could see the interior really well. I ‘winged’ the dimensions, but wanted it to be large enough that it could be used for something useful later on down the road and boxed out the corners so that it looks nice when it’s filled up.

Tattoo Christmas may be my favorite design pack from Urban Threads. I just bought it a month ago and have used it repeatedly! I did pick up a few more designs last week during their sale so I may try to squeeze in a few more embellished projects before the holiday (I would love to do a ton of these Merry Monsters for Easton’s class, but I think I might be over ambitious!)