This holiday season skip the paper gift bags and sew your own in all shapes and sizes with this free pattern! Giving a gift card this year instead? There’s a tutorial for creating a fabric envelope, too!

It may be getting a little too chilly for summery clothing right now, but these skater shorts are still awesome enough to at least wear around the house.

If you’re lucky enough that you don’t have to cook this Thanksgiving, bring your hostess a bottle of wine and make a pretty little wine bag to slip it into.

Keep your hair neat and tidy and a little bit whimsical with this ‘bunny ear’ headband (and no wires with this one either!).

Do your jeans make you uncomfortable in the waist? Learn how to whip up a new waistband for them.

Don’t leave home without it! This handy Doorknob Caddy can hold all your essentials so you don’t walk out the door without them. Of course, I’m partial to the this tutorial I wrote awhile ago.

If you’re looking for gifts to make this season, be sure to check out this stripe tote tutorial. It would definitely be well received.

Need a new brooch that will stand out of the crowd? Try this one for a fabric toadstool (works for gnome lovers, Mario gamers, and those who just love cute little trinkets).

My favorite t-shirt refashion artist WobiSobi has teamed up with ILoveToCreate to come up with a trendy, off the shoulder sweatshirt look.

Every guy needs a tool belt. Even the little ones.

Who said office chairs had to be boring (I believe I am using this exact model to sew in)? Recover it and give it new life!

I never knew washcloths could be so snuggly.