Remember about a month ago when Martha Stewart made the comment that “bloggers were not experts”? I’ve got news for Martha, neither are you. Yesterday I decided to make bath fizzies for my Christmas stocking swap partner and wound up with this:


I went against my better judgement and tried a different ‘formula’ this time for my bath bombs (I have used this one in the past with great results) and realized I should have just stayed with my tried and true recipe. To salvage this pile, I decided to add dead sea salts (Martha’s recipe omits adding any salts to her and instead uses sugar, why sugar?), olive oil (to make sure that it stays moist), and packaged it up in a pretty jar and called it Sugar Cookie Bath Fizz (the essential oil is sugar cookie). It’s not exactly what I had it mind, but it still fizzes nicely and smells wonderful. Boo Martha.