11-metro Have you visited Betz White’s blog this morning? If not, you need to hop on over and check out her latest pattern, The Metro Hipster! I had a wonderful opportunity to test this pattern out and LOVED it (I wasn’t the only one either, my teen-aged daughter liked the finished bag so much she snagged it from me)! This purse features a spacious front pocket, a padded interior pocket (large enough to put a reader\tablet inside), recessed zipper, opportunities to use great hardware and contrast fabrics that’s all wrapped up in a trendy shape.

For my version I used a mid-weight cotton for the exterior, a faux leather for the accents (the pattern calls for a waxed canvas, but I didn’t have this material available in my area), and a fun Japanese mini Matryoshka doll print for the interior. I easily found all the hardware in my local brick-and-mortar stores (I found that my larger Joann’s had the best selection) as well as a rainbow assortment of webbing for the strap. Putting this pattern together was a lot of fun – I love trying out new techniques and the recessed zipper was a first for me. I will admit that I had to re-read the directions several times to make sure that I was doing it correctly (I tend to do to this a lot when I learn something new – I like to make sure I got it the first time and don’t have to rip out stitches, LOL), but the illustrations guaranteed me that I was (by the way, I found that the illustrations were very helpful and clear, especially in this section!) and I was thrilled with the end results! I think this is one of the features that really sets this bag apart from others and definitely makes it look ‘ready-to-wear’. As far as construction time: from start to finish I made this in a weekend, but now that I have one under my belt, I’m thinking I could whip this up in a (long) afternoon…. which is a good thing because now I have to make myself one since my daughter took mine away!