Normally, I’d be putting up a project post, but today I stumbled across a deal too good not to share instead! How about a $5 dress form? You heard me right – $5 (with free shipping to a local Walmart or $5 more to your home)! I’m not sure how long it will last, or if they will discover their err (I’m guessing this has to be an error because these forms normally run $99 on a ‘good sale’) later in the day, but for $5 it’s worth a shot! Enjoy!

Edited to add: There is only one size available for this offer, it is the larger form with the bust size 39″ – 45″, waist size 30″ – 36.5″, hip size 40″ – 46″

Edit #2 Walmart’s announcement of site glitch. No mention if orders placed during the website error will be honored.