Interspersed with all the other projects I want to accomplish is my Christmas Stocking Swap package. I haven’t made a ton of progress working on it largely because I haven’t been really ‘inspired’ by my partner’s Pinterest board. While her interests are a lot like mine, nothing is really standing out at the moment. I have, however, come up with just a few small items:


The first is a Grumpy Cat necklace. I think she would have preferred a stuffie, but I figure she can keep him close to her heart at all times as a pendant (LOL, but seriously, who doesn’t love Grumpy Cat). This is another project that used a washer, printed image, and Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (my favorite new medium). The second item is lanyard key ring – they are so easy to make (not to mention I have a ton of mustache ribbon left over from the first round) and I think are pretty well received by everyone (in fact, I’m thinking that when my daughter needs a quick gift exchange gift this may be an item she can hand out)!