We’ve probably all experienced it: It’s after dinner, maybe even right before bed, and your child says to you, “Mom, I need a ________ for school tomorrow.” In my case, it was an orange shirt.

Apparently, our family doesn’t wear a lot of orange. In fact, all we had on hand were 2 orange tees – one was extremely ratty and old and the other was so large, I had once worn it as a night shirt. Since neither were acceptable for my oldest, I told here that I would reconstruct the oversized shirt using Melly Sew’s football jersey pattern. For this look, I fussy-cut the front and back designs, carefully removed the ribbing around the neckline of the original shirt and recycled it, cut strips from the remaining shirt material to use as stripes along the sleeves, and added 2″ to the length. Here’s a before after photo:


Fortunately she loved the finished look (even though it’s bit Halloween-ish in color) and got quite a few compliments at the game while wearing it. The fit is spot on and adding a bit of length helped as well (I could have added another 2″ and I think she might have been happier). My only disappointment is my stripe sewing – somehow they got a bit wonky, but I’m not sure anyone would notice besides me (I’m chalking it up to trying to do a ‘rush job’ on the shirt)… next time I make this, I’ll have to pin it down a bit better so it doesn’t move while I’m stitching. Overall, a FANTASTIC reconstruction tutorial – I highly recommend it (and now I’m scouring my t-shirts to find more to use)!