Surprise your trick-or-treater with an awesome Frankenzombie bag to gather their loot! or make a less scary, candy corn version.

Give new life to an old basket by making it a liner.

If you’re needing a new bag that can showcase bold prints, the Madeleine is just for you.

Because everyone needs a giant squid pillow.

Fringe is in. Learn how to make a skirt that has lots of movement when you walk!

Thanks to Erika and her weekend retreat, I now need to sew up this cute fox scarf.

Skip the scary this Halloween and make cute bat plushies instead.

Bring a bit of fall into your home by making a few of these fall wreath pillows.

Spice up your pumpkins with a bit of embroidery (or just make them plain and use awesome fabric).

I never thought I’d say that I need a t-shirt scarf, but this one has interesting enough details that I may change my mind!

Not only is this shopping tote, HUGE, but it comes with it’s own, handy zippered storage!

It takes a bit of clicking on links to get all the details of this (diaper) bag, but I think in the end it’s well worth it. In fact, I’m thinking it would make a fabulous tote!

It may be chilly outside, but that doesn’t mean your little one still can’t swing. Make an indoor version that hangs on a tension mount rod.

Host the perfect tea party with this gorgeous, reversible tablecloth!