10-blanket You know those great (yet overpriced) stadium blankets that they sell in stores? The ones with the cute tied ends? Did you know that there’s a great tool that can help you easily make your own?

To start off this post, I have to admit, I didn’t make this blanket. My daughter did. I found the fabric on clearance recently ($1\yard!) and picked it up knowing that it would make a great throw. When I finally showed it to her the other night, she told me that I had to transform it into a blanket. That’s when I handed her a Shape Flex ruler, a rotary cutter, and cutting mat – in about an hour she had the photo you see on the left! That’s why this is my ‘cool tool of the week’ – it’s a handy little ruler that’s easy to use (you just line up the edges, insert your rotary cutter into the ‘slot’, and slice to your desired length and allowed me some selfish sewing time (well, selfish sewing shopping time). Best of all, this entire project cost $2! You can’t beat that!