10-sewitall See that giant, cheesy grin? That’s me containing my excitement while I’m standing next to Ellen on the set of Sew It All! (I also have to admit that I am a bad blogger and totally forgot to take photos while I was there – this shot is from SewItAll’s Instagram feed. So be sure to head over there, like some photos, and get a preview of everyone’s projects for the upcoming season) Yesterday’s taping was so much fun – just like sewing with a friend! Plus everyone was so welcoming and made the experience so enjoyable. Hopefully you’ll have as much fun watching the episodes as much as I had filming them.

Adding to my excitement was the fact that I finally got to meet several sewing bloggers in person! While I’ve been following their webpages\Facebook\Twitter posts for quite some time, it was great to be able to hang out with them ‘real time’. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Kristina from the Nerdy Sewist, Sharon of Sharon Sews, or Rhonda of Rhonda’s Creative Life, I highly recommend you check out their webpages – they are all super nice and extremely talented ladies…. now I really want to go to Sewing Summit next year so I can meet more you all in real life!

While I am totally inspired to get into my sewing room today, I think I’ll have to clean up the disaster left behind in my house instead – the product of leaving my husband in charge of the kids while I was gone. Then I think I need to get to work on a new fall wardrobe – I feel a chill in the air, finally!