10-shoes Do you ever make a garment based solely on your shoes? About a month ago, I purchased a pricey pair of flats – they are cute and wonderfully comfortable, but after wearing them (with the original outfit I purchased them with), I realized that I have nothing else that matches the color. After searching a few stores, I raided my stash and discovered (hiding in a corner) a pretty piece of jersey that is so close, it almost looks like it was made to go with the shoes. Consequently, I’m thinking that my next project is going to be another Drop Pocket Cardigan. Unfortunately, I have no idea where I purchased this material from or how much it cost, so I don’t have a breakdown for this project.

***Also photographed is a print that coordinates very well – unfortunately, it’s also a mystery as to where I got it from, but I am fairly certain it was either Fabric Mart or Gorgeous Fabrics. This may become a new dress or top depending on what works with the large scale flowers on the material.