09-cutting I don’t do a lot of quilting, but some of the tools they use are awesome (and work so well with other types of sewing, too)! My lifesaver this week has been a handful of acrylic rulers, a rotary cutter, and this rotating cutting mat! This portable mat was originally in my husband’s grandmother’s sewing room and is much larger than most that I’ve seen elsewhere (17×23″). It allows me to cut my material without having to pick up my fabric and realign it or move around the cutting board to make a second cut. I highly recommend checking into one especially if you’re working on projects that require lots of straight, measured cuts (home decor items, accessory patterns that require you measure\cut instead of relying on pattern pieces, etc.).

On a completely unrelated note, don’t forget to enter in the Verona bag giveaway – this contest ends on Sunday and I’ll announce the winner here on Monday morning. I’ll also be revealing some BIG news next week and will hopefully return to some ‘regularly scheduled sewing’ projects. In the mean time, have a great weekend – I can’t wait to hear what everyone has been stitching!