08-cardi Way back in May I had plans to make Jalie’s Drop Pocket Cardigan, but ran out of time before we went on vacation and then the weather turned hot. Now that we’re beginning to see cooler temperatures, I thought it was time to revisit this pattern… and am I ever glad I did. Wow, I love it!

I will admit that this pattern is much different than any other cardigan that I’ve sewn, so I found myself carefully reading the directions several times before taking off with it (I was also very thankful that the illustrations were great at clarifying some of the steps). While I really liked the pattern, I found myself wrestling with the fabric (a cotton spandex from Girl Charlee) to keep it from curling while I was sewing – it was very frustrating. I know that any material can do this, but I think I’ll stick with a more ‘quality’ material that I know isn’t as prone to do this next time I work on this pattern. So, without further ado, let’s get into the nitty gritty of this pattern!:

Likes: First off, I love the style – it’s quite different that what I have in my wardrobe and the pockets add a nice touch (they drape really nicely when you don’t put your hands in them). As usual with Jalie patterns, the fit is wonderful and I like the fact that there’s so many sizes (and now color coded so they are easy to trace) included in one envelope. I also like that finishing techniques (for the hem and neckband) look more ready-to-wear that what most sewing patterns call for. This makes for a more professional looking garment, but, because the technique is different, may give you a bit of a pause in your sewing while you figure out how to perform that particular step.

Dislikes: Honestly, I can’t think of anything I disliked about this pattern – it sewed up well, stitch up quickly (I was able to finish in a day), and it looks great on. I can definitely see me making this cardigan again. In fact, my daughter liked this one so much she’s asked me to make two more in the future (one gray, one drab green)! My only word of caution is to chose your material wisely: I really didn’t like working with mine (see curling above) and found that I never could get the seams to press neatly so my finished garment looks a bit sloppy. Lesson learned.