08-pants Over the weekend I had the opportunity to work on my Elle Pants… I’m not sure I could have worked on an easier pair (in fact it may have taken me more time to cut the pattern and material than what it did actual sewing)! It’s difficult to see in the photo (apparently, gray is my color of choice lately because I hadn’t realized I was wearing a top with a similar color until after the photo was taken), but the fit is pretty spot on. However, they are a bit snug in the upper thigh area – I find this a common problem with lots of patterns so I don’t think it is anything specific to this particular one. I am also fairly certain it would wouldn’t be quite as tight in this area if the material had a bit more stretch to it (mine didn’t have quite as much as the sample provided in the pattern) so I’ll be sure to add more ease in the thighs if I use a similar stretch fabric in future versions.

I’m thinking about pairing this pant up with a fun, but ‘dressy casual’ style top – something like McCall 6702 (view A). I love the back detail on this top and it’s something that can be dressed up or down depending on how you work it. I’ll show the final look and a better picture of the completed pants once it’s all finished!