I’ve been inspired.

08-jumpsuit You see, this weekend, my husband and I get to become the godparents to our adorable little nephew. Since my pants have not worked out (I’m still debating on what to do with them, thank you everyone for the comments and suggestions!), I’ve decided that maybe I should just move onto a new project. That’s when I saw MsKRS’ McCall jumper. Not only does it look cute & comfortable, but it’s gotten great reviews on Pattern Review! Unfortunately, the only view that I really like is the strapless version, but since this is a church event I thought that I had better go with view E.

Now that I have the pattern in hand (believe it or not, I got the thing not on sale, which doesn’t happen very often) and am now on a search through my stash (preferably) to try to whip this up in the next two days. Cross your fingers that this works otherwise I see some late night shopping going on Saturday night!