08-capri Sometimes the idea in my head doesn’t play out as well when I stitch it up. You see, for the longest time I’ve been thinking I wanted a pair of printed capris (using a pretty stretch twill that I picked up ages ago from Emma One Sock) and decided this was the weekend that I was going to do it! So, I snagged up Vogue 8913 and went to work.

My measurements put me in the “medium” pattern size and I hesitated cutting it because my experience with so many of the Big 4 is that they run a bit large. I went ahead a cut the medium, but I should have listened to my gut – my initial fitting was HUGE. So large, in fact, I wound up taking in 1/2″ on all the seams – what a baggy mess! Consequently, I have some unusual ‘lines’ going on in the crotch area -although I blame this partially on where the waistband sits on me as well. You see, the waistband is also way too high – it’s well above my belly button (and I had even lowered it some from the original pattern). Worst of all, when I put these on, my daughter asked me if they were pajama pants – definitely not the look I was going for!

Consequently, I can easily say, I’m not in love with this pattern or the finished pants, but at least I’ve made bottoms which is something that I haven’t done for myself in ages.